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Monday, November 17, 2014


I can already smell the winter in the air. The air has specific smell that is different then in spring and summer. So it is about time to reogenise our closets and put warmer clothes to ftont shelfs and summer outfits to more back rows. Some warmer clothes like sweaters and coats sometimes turn out to be out of style or not fit us anymore. Then is time to replace them. I not had many winter coats actually. I had many winter parkas so I decided to buy some coat for a change. And when I was in Zara I liked one coat very much, but I was procrastinating as it was for 100 $ and I was not sure if want it of not, then I come back to the Zara shop next day but different locasion and turn out that they are on Special Prices now. And my size was still avaiable. And the price was nearly 50 % off so I was not thinking too much just grabbed the coat and headed to the fitting room and then to counter to pay for it.

I am wearing:

Sweater/ Terranova
Jeans/ Topshop Leigh model
Boots/ HD store Sixty
accesories / NewYorker

Friday, November 14, 2014


Here are my new items that I purchased in drugstore Rossmann, on some sale that is going on right now. This products are nice and cheap as there is sale buy one get one free until 19th of november.
So I bought this Maybelline affinitone Foundation, it is very good for the small prise, mattyfie skin, and hide imperfetions.

This Astor anti shine make up has nice formula and nice scent and price is good (price 6$).

This Rimmel BB cream has great matte affact and it has SPF so is great for summer (price 7$).

 Rimml BB Cream is also a good product for a cheap price. In light color is better and great for summer as has 25 SPF (price near 7$).

Astor perfect stay fundation has in it also primer and I like the scent and consistency of it- its creamy and it not irritate my skin, as i have many times allergic reactions to drugstore cosmetic like for example Garnier bb creams make my eyes red or nivea fundations with scent (price near 12$).

 This mattitude astor fundation is also great for covarage, and not irritate my skin. It make my skin smooth and is good for this price near 11$ after sale.

 I also found this ASTOR Skinmatch concealer for near 7$. It's covers my dark undereye dark circles very good.

This Maxfactor Loose powder is good for big events- pros is that it will mattifie your skin very good, but cons is that you will feel that skin is dry and might need some moisterising treatment after a while. It has nice fluffy aplicator.

 I picked out also this concealer from MaxFactor- Mastertouch.

 Great Eyeliner that I using now is Loreal Super liner, Perfect slim, price near 12$.
With it it is easy to make eyelines.

 Also Bought this BB cream from Bourjois, that is creamy and can be used just in some parts on the face  as concealer or on all face.
 It has nice mirror, that you can twist. After sale it costs 12$.

 Another eyeliner is maybelline Lasting drama gel eyeliner 24h- it is strong but it is not so easy to do quick lines, and I think it's for bigger ocasions.
The pen is included and it can be used to applying eyeshadow too.

Also bought this small eyeshadow brush for 2$.

 This product is nice and cheap near 12$ and it is in big tube and for body not just for a face. 
Avene XeraCalm A.D is Lipid Replenishing Cream great for you if you have dry skin. 
It nurish and is anti-irritating.

And that's me after playing with my make up 

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